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Viewpoints in Paphos

A Guide for Viewpoints in Paphos
Countryside visiting

Tala-Koili View

At the altitude of approximately 600 m above the sea level Tala-Koili View point has a wide panoramic angle from Trodos Mountains to blue coasts of Paphos. 

View into the Cyprus blue

Toxeftra Observation Deck

Yet another amazing spoil to visit and enjoy the blue see and sky of Cyprus coast. Not fat from Paphos the Observation desk can be an easy destination to busy half of your day.

Spectacular observation point

Aphrodite Rocks

According to Greek mythology one who swims around the rocks gains eternal youth and beauty. True or not is for you to decide when you visit the rocks yourself. Beautiful wild beach. There is an observation point on top of the hill from where the whole scene of the Beauty Goddess natural palace lays beneath. 

Where Greek Mythology imagination comes from

White Cliffs

A must visit place in Paphos. Magic white rocks and caves merging with the sky blue waters of Paphos coast makes the perfect place to slow down and enjoy life in full colors.