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Find your community and make new friends in Paphos


Cyprus Developer Community (CDC) is a hub for tech enthusiasts and developers across Cyprus, with regular events in Paphos. They offer a convenient online platform and chat system dedicated to all things related to technology, engineering, and development on Discord.


This community was founded to encourage entrepreneurs and digital nomads to meet up over lunch and other activities. They meet every Saturday at Meraki’s Market Café and regularly organise events to facilitate networking opportunities.

The Cowork Connective

The Cowork Connective creates opportunties for digital nomads and remote professionals seeking a vibrant co-working and networking experience in Paphos. They gather every Thursday at a chosen venue to connect with like-minded people.

Parents in Paphos

A fantastic social platform for Paphos parents! It’s an invaluable resource for offering and receiving help, advice, and friendship. Whether you’re looking to pass on kids’ items, need childcare or school run assistance, or want to lend a hand, this community is here for you.