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A guide for Hiking and Nature trailss in Paphos
Spectacular views trail

Adonis Nature trail (Polis)

Climbing up the track to discover the opening view of the blue lagoon from the top of the mountain leaves an unforgettable memory. The track has to offer all the benefits of a good hike. Make sure you are sun protected and have your water supply, it is well worth to be prepared. 

Canyon trail

Avacas George Nature Trail

Outdoor adventure is guaranteed going for this hike. You will see and explore beautiful rock formations and rear plants. This hike is through an unusual for Cyprus canyon with a stream going through the bottom. It is well known among the hiking enthusiasts.

45 minutes walk

Agiasma Nature Trail

You will see a nice view towards Peya beach form the trail going through tall fascinating rocks, vineyard and several geo sites. Not far from the starting point there is a fountain built of stone with drinkable water. The track is level 1 difficulty so would be easy to manage for a family. 

Nature trail

Ezousa Nature Trail

It is one circular trail of 7,5 km. You can find rear reach green in the valleys. There are amazing views, don’t miss the most famous one which is from the village church point that is standing on the “rock”.

Walk or run art trail

Paphos Coastal walk

Beautiful walk along the scenic beach side of Paphos. It is about 3 km long, from Coral Bay Beach stretches all the way to the St. George Beach. Plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the walk, run or cycle. Various sculptures add to the magnificent mood of the place.

Exploring the caves

Ammati Cave Kallepia

Ammati Cave is near Kallepia Village. A mysterious gorge filled with stalagmites and a waterfall and Kallepia chapel are something adventurous to be explored. Many advise to be prepared and careful along the way as at some points the cave gets narrow.