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Archeological Sites in Paphos

A Guide for Archeological Sites in Paphos
Nea Paphos

Paphos Archeological Park

Paphos Archeological park is a sizable area filled with ancient ruins that overlooks the Harbour, from where you can further take the coastal trail to discover the many different sites.

A Seaside Necropolis

Tombs of the Kings

The underground tombs of the kings were carved out of solid rock, with some in the shape of lifelike homes and others featuring Doric columns and walls adorned in frescoes.

A medieval fort in Paphos

Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle was a medieval fort,  by the Byzantine Empire. It was dismantled and rebuilt again by the Ottomans. What can be seen today is the remnants of the Ottoman construction.

2nd-century Roman villa

Villa of Theseus

The House of Theseus, often called the Villa of Theseus, forms part of the Paphos Archaeological Park, particularly the complex known to house the famous Paphos Mosaics. 

Some of the finest mosaics in the world

The Paphos Mosaics

The Paphos Mosaics are considered some of the best ancient mosaics in the world, depicting Greek and Roman culture in a way that’s proven invaluable to scholars.